Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blogging + Lomography = LoBlography

The kind people at Lomography Soho recently had me along to their LoBlography event, where I met fellow bloggers for whom photography plays an important role in what they do.

I was lent a Lomo LC-Wide camera, which I now really want, as along with having an excellent wide-angle lens it allows for all manner of interesting experimentation, such as multiple-exposure photographs and half or full-frame shots (meaning you can fit double the number of shots on a film if you go for the former option). Once I was let loose in the streets of Soho, I basically went crazy trying every option on every photo.

The camera also allows you to take continuous shots with no separation between the photographs on your film. While I didn't do this for the entire film, I did try it out on a few shots.

You can see the rest of the shots I took either separately, or as one continuous image I've stitched together.

Thanks Lomography LoBlography. Thaloblanks.

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Michelle said...

I love the continuous image! Would love to get me one of these cameras. Great photographs!