Sunday, 5 August 2012


I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend to go and watch the hockey at the Olympic Park today.

Not being much of a sports fan didn't put me off as I was very interested to see how the place looked and take some photos (I took several billion).

Orbit, 2012

I've added a select few to my Flickr page here, as well as some photos taken using my iPhone here (including some using the excellent photo-stitching panoramic app 'DMD')

Guarded, 2012

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Going Viral

A few friends contacted me this morning to say that the 'Olympic Expectations Vs Reality' image that Time Out London put together yesterday using one of my photos seemed to have gone viral, with several thousand people having seen it.

As it was only on the Time Out Facebook page at the time, people had been emailing screenshots of it around to each other, so I suggested Time Out get in on the action and post it on their actual website.

And as of this evening, they have!

My photo used as part of Time Out's image

If you happen to see it used anywhere else, I'd be curious to know where and how far it's spread.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Time Out's Olympic Expectations vs Reality

A pleasant surprise for me this evening when I scrolled through Facebook on my phone and spotted this image on the Time Out London feed, which made me smile even before I noticed that the bottom photo was one of my own.

If anyone happens to spot the photo in the magazine, please save your copy for me.