Sunday, 11 March 2012

Taking your brain to another dimension

I've added a new section to my website for my 3D Photography.

Ladies Pass The Globe, 2012 (Red-Cyan version)

Photos were taken using a Nintendo 3DS, which includes a low-resolution 3D camera. It presents a challenge as there's no way to edit the images after you've taken them (so no cropping or adjusting brightness/contrast). And there's no way of turning off the annoying 'snapping' noise it makes when you take a photo, meaning everyone notices you!

There are a variety of options for viewing these, either as a 3D image if you have a device with a 3D screen, or as Wiggle or Red-Cyan versions. Wiggle shows the left and right eye images as a single animated gif and will leave you feeling dizzy. Red-Cyan allows you to view the image if you posses a pair of old-school 3D red-cyan tinted glasses.

Click to view my 3D photography

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