Thursday, 28 May 2009

Shockingly bad iPhone art #1

I read this article yesterday, whereby an artist by the name of Jorge Colombo managed to get a gig doing the cover for New Yorker magazine using his iPhone. Naturally I was intrigued to see how his images were made, which turned out to be done using the Brushes app (£2.99), so I immediately downloaded this to have a go myself.

Lozenge of Love, 2009

It's not easy drawing on such a tiny screen, although Brushes makes it easier than you'd think by allowing you to zoom in by 800%, and my favourite function is that of 'undo', which is probably the one I've been using the most. It doesn't have layers, which I've become accustomed to using in every other piece of graphics software, so drawing (painting?) something requires quite a different thought process. Namely, having to start with the background and work upwards. Much like a real painter might, I suppose.

I've just figured out that Brushes stores every brush stroke you produce, so you can get it to produce a video of the creation of the drawing. Pretty clever!

Not the greatest image I've ever produced, or subject matter (it was 1am, I was in bed and just grabbed something nearby to draw), but a worthy experiment and I'll possibly add some more 'Shockingly bad iPhone art' using Brushes in the near future. It would probably look cool with the New Yorker logo at the top, if anyone from that particular publication wants to run an add for a popular sore throat lozenge brand, using the latest technology?

P.S. this blog is not sponsored by Brushes, Strepsils or Apple. If anyone from those companies is reading this, I'm willing to accept your cash provided you can convince the other two companies to do the same, in the interests of fairness for all parties.

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