Monday, 20 April 2009

I recently came back from a five day jaunt to Paris. Due to the terrible exchange rate at the moment, I spent most of the trip wandering around like a zombie having had no sleep in the cheap (£90 a night - not sure if it gets much cheaper than that in Paris) hotel room which had built-in amplifiers in the walls with surround sound toilet, shower and building-work noises.

A top tip if you're heading there soon is to visit the Rodin museum, avoiding the museum itself (which was about 8 euros to see) and just heading to the garden, which was only 1 euro and contained some amazing sculptures. One of which was a little old thing called 'Le Pensuer' ('The Thinker', to you and I). I spent 20 minutes trying to draw it and messed it up (particularly the head) due to the pressure of too many people looking at what I was doing.

Interesting that there seemed to be three stock reactions to seeing one of the world's most famous sculptures:

1) To reenact the pose for a photograph
2) Complete indifference (mainly seen amongst younger people)
3) To say "Ah...Le Penseur!" in a wise and knowing voice (seen exclusively amongst Dads)

Le Penseur

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