Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Three Men in a Boat

In August 2007, two friends and I recreated the journey described in Jerome K. Jerome's 1889 comic novel, 'Three Men in a Boat'. Over the course of a week, we rowed (albeit in the wrong direction to that in the book due to high currents) from Oxford to London in a 120 year old double-skulling skiff named Clare.

I kept an illustrated diary of the trip, and have included some work-in-progress sections here (I plan at some point in the next half-century to colour them all and generally tidy everything up).


Sample pages showing preparation for the trip

James, one of the other men, and an elaborate contraption used simultaneously to provide illumination and to dry trunks

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Anonymous said...

I like this! Starting to look almost a bit Joe Sacco :)